Pumped Up Cardio Warmup! (Easy, fun, at home workout)

Pumped Up Cardio Warmup! (Easy, fun, at home workout)

Hey guys, it's Cassey here. Today, I'm going to show you how to get ready for your workout. It's not safe to start working out immediately and go into high-intensity exercises because you could hurt yourself. So, what I want you to do is watch this video before you start my daily routines on the Blogilates workout calendar, and you should be just fine. Plus, if you stretch out before your workouts, they will be a lot better, and you'll be able to kick higher and squeeze harder. So, let's go ahead and get started. We're going to start off slow. Hit that music and do your plie squats, making sure your inner thighs are out, knees back, sitting tall, press, press, working out that butt, working out the thighs, low, down, and up, and just planting your feet into the ground. Good, nice, now stay there.

I want you to lift, lift, down and down, up, up, and have fun with it. Get ready for the rest of your workout. Lift the heels and everything else. Good, press, press, nice, one more. Now, leg kicks, get those hamstrings, lift, lift. Try to touch your toe, and I'm just doing it slowly. Give me four, three, two, jumping jacks, here we go, right there. This time, you're getting your heart rate up and getting your muscles ready. Beautiful, now hands upfront, cross, just like this, heartbeat up, I bet it is. Nine to the eight, come on, keep going. And narrow squat, here we go. Keep your heels together, including your back, just like that. Press, press, beautiful. Down, four, three, two, hold, one. Hold it, and make sure all that weight is into the heels, but low, nice, a little bit more, four, three, two, and one. Now, let's go ahead and lunge it out. Bring your foot forward, come down and back, walk, and lift. Yes, very nice.

"Just warm up those legs with some down and up, low and lift exercises. Have some fun as you start your workout today. Come on, let's do this! Down and lift, press, yes! Come on, low and up. Now, let's go a bit harder with hands above the head. Perfect, down, low, lift, nice. Very good, now we're down on the floor. Place your hands beneath your shoulders and go into a walking plank. Out, out, in, in. Three, two, one, let's go! Out, out, in, and in. This song sounds quite familiar, like 'Problem', like you're gonna grab it, how peculiar? Come on, let's go! We're gonna have a great workout today. Go out as wide as you can and keep those hips nice and firm. Good, a little bit more. Give me four, three, and two. Nice, now let's do the dancing dog. Press and up, press, nice and quick. Up, hips up, chest up, press center to the ceiling. Press! You're warming up the whole body.

Now open up, lift, down, and plank back. Give me my left foot, open, down, and back again. In and up, I love this one because it really gets my body open and ready for everything else. Down again, four more, four, three and up, and down, two more. Let's go, right foot and open, in and down, one more. Good, now hold that plank. I want you to go ahead and move forward and back. Reach, keep your shoulders leaning. Come on, four and three, so good. Two, one more, one. Walk your hands all the way to your feet, get up, we're walking it down and push up, right here. Walk it and lift, coming down all the way to that plank, push, making sure your head is right, and your eyes are looking right down to the floor. Perfect, keeping that back nice and firm. And lift, one more, good, come all the way up for me guys. Lift, good, and let's end it out with some jumping jacks. Right here, get ready for the rest of your workout today. You guys are gonna do so well, it will be amazing. You're gonna kill it!"

"Yes, you are if you're sweating right now. Already, I know you're already beasting it. Come on, jump it out, jump it out, guys. Come on, all of this in, jump it. You can go in circles if you're bored. Come on, let's go and end. Good job, guys. So, guys, that was your cardio warmup. Make sure you do something similar to this, a dynamic warmup, to ensure that your muscles are happy and warm before you start working out, or else you could get injured. Then, afterward, do a nice static stretch where you're holding things for like 30 seconds. Usually, dynamic before, static at the end, and you are all good to go. So, I hope you guys really liked that. Let me know in the comments below what other videos I should be doing, and it doesn't have to be workouts. It could be anything. I just want to hear your thoughts and what kind of content you want to see. So, until then, I want you to train hard because I'm watching you. I've seen you on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and I know what you're doing. So, keep it up. Bye, don't be naughty. I'm going to gradually drop my hips down to the floor. Now, you may have a ton of space. You may be three feet off the floor, two feet, one foot. It doesn't matter. Let's see how far you can get and just try to hold it there."